Monday, October 24, 2011

Still in Baytown ... New Companion!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hi Mom,

I'm glad you liked your gift! I'm glad it got there safely! I was worried it might break! But mom did you notice that the face follows you! So when you go home look at Him and walk sideways and Jesus’ face will follow you! It's so cool! I am going to get another one for me to have in my home to remember my mission! But I wanted to get you one to have so you can also remember my mission! :) I'm glad you liked it! :) I got it at the store of the Walters shipping place; a lady makes them and sells them! They are so cool! There was a tan one and a blue one and then your white one! I knew you would like the white one! I love where you put it! I was wondering where you were gonna put it but I'm glad you found a spot for it! I love the pictures on the piano of Zaebyn and the girls! Man they keep getting so big! I really do miss them!

It was really hard to get a picture without a flash ...
this really does not do it's beauty justice ... I will treasure this forever

Well mom I didn't get transferred! Sister Hatch did though and I have a new companion! Sister Angela Higley. She is from Missouri and she came out when Sister Henson came out! She is nice and I told her we have lots of work to do in Baytown and that they need missionary love and we are gonna be busy this transfer so she is excited to get to work! Sister Kinikini got transferred and Sister Henson stayed in La Porte so she is doing the same as I did and staying there for 5 transfers. But the cool thing is that Sister Kinikini is training again and flushing an area! She is so strong! I love her dearly, such a great friend! I tell her she is going to be my maid of honor in my future wedding! We just keep getting close as friends on our missions! We call each other when we are going through a tough time and we just know when each other is struggling! She is the best mom!

Final pose with Sister Hatch

New companion, Sister Higley

Well this last week was pretty slow and I was thinking I was going to get transferred because of what President Crawford said in my last interview but I stayed! I'm glad I did. I now get to work with Karen more and also help the Greenawalts to come closer to the Gospel and to build this ward up and have everyone excited about the Gospel and Missionary work! I kinda feel like my work isn’t done in Baytown and there is part of me that feels like I will end my mission in Baytown and then another part feels like I might have one more area before the time comes for me to go home! But I guess in time we will see! It's all in the Lords hands!

Well this week we had Family Home Evening at the Greenawalts home. When it gets dark outside they have animals like raccoons and possums that come and eat the food they have left out on their porch for them! We got to see them eat I tried to get a good picture but it's kinda blurry. I will try again to get a picture next time if we ever see the wild animals again! We are working with Sister Greenawalt and trying to help her stop smoking! There is a program that we are gonna be teaching her to help her. The Church put out this program and it really works so I'm excited to work with her some more. We taught her about faith and to have faith in herself and God that she can overcome this and she will through the Lord’s hands! He will help her if she turns towards Him! I truly believe that!


Well this week we went to see Karen and the Ward Missionary Leader, Brother Stone, came along and we got to teach Karen more! I sent you a picture of us and the Elders with Karen. Elder Fredrickson, who is standing by me in the picture, was on exchanges that day so he isn’t usually the other Elder that teaches her, but it was a great lesson! Karen is just progressing wonderfully and she is just so willing to learn more and she is just so patient with me learning sign language! I love seeing the Elders teach her using sign language! It's so much fun! There is just a wonderful Spirit in the home! It's so much fun to watch and learn from the ASL Missionaries and see their teaching skills even though they don't speak! But it's so neat! I learn so much from them of how well they teach simply and testify as they teach! Very Powerful! Karen and Tammie and the family are excited to have me stay in Baytown so I can continue to come and visit with them and help them more in the Gospel! Sister Higley thinks it's awesome we go over there and she said she is willing to learn sign language too so she can communicate with Karen and them! So that just made my day when I heard that! So it's so awesome! I love the Language!

Elder Fredrickson, Me, Karen, Sister Hatch, Elder Macky and Tammie

We had Stake Conference this weekend and in one of the talks it mention about going to the temple and talked about how deaf people also go and do the work of the Lord and how beautiful it is to see sign language in the temple and even all languages. Karen and Tammie's faces lit up when they heard that in Stake Conference! I'm so grateful for Sister Gentry who does the interpreting for Sacrament meeting! She is so awesome and willing to help out! I really depend on her a lot. We are going over this week and are going to study some signs! I'm so excited! I think it’s gonna be so great with Sister Higley and I think we are going to see great things and lots of love in the ward! It's going to be good!

Well Friday was our last District Meeting with all the missionaries in the area before transfers. We had fun and got some silly pictures as you can see. The missionaries are just super crazy! You just got to Love Missionaries! It was a good meeting and I learned a lot! I realized that I need to really understand My Purpose as a Missionary better, and the only way is through the Lord and my studies and my willingness to work super hard! Time is running short and so there is a lot to do but I know the Lord is gonna help me out and help me become more like Him!

District before transfers

Our district with the Spanish district

Being Silly!

Well my reading is coming along great; I'm kinda behind on the mission reading and even my Doctrine and Covenants because I am trying to memorize 25 scriptures that my Mission President wants us to have memorized! I'm working hard on that and not reading quite as much, but I do try to read when I can! The memorizing has been cool! I have just felt the Spirit when I am memorizing the scriptures because I begin to feel so close to Him and have more understanding from those 25 scriptures! So it's gonna be cool when I have them all memorized! It shouldn't take me too long if I just take the time to do them and I will have them down in no time!

Well I hope you enjoyed this letter! I bet I will have more for ya next week mom! But I love ya and thanks for the pictures, they are awesome! I hope you have a great week! I love ya!

Love Sister Hawkins!

Getting ready to go for a run ... getting nippy in the early morning!

Beautiful clouds on transfer morning!

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