Monday, October 31, 2011

Another week of Service!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hi Mom,

Well where do I begin to tell you about my week? I have been sick for the past week and a half with a nasty cough, cold , runny nose and really sore throat! It hasn't been fun being sick on the mission but you still got to go work hard and serve the Lord no matter what! This week Sister Higley and I have been working hard in the apartment trying to figure out Baytown; it's kinda not organized well and so we like color coordinated stuff and we got new updated maps and we are looking through the area book and we have been really busy doing that! It's helping me to better understand the area because I feel bad, I still really struggle a lot to know who to see and who to go and teach and it's been hard. In my past areas I knew who to go see and who we could try… well not in Baytown! Baytown has been one of my hardest areas that I have had!

Besides organizing the area we have also been doing lots of service for members in the ward which has been fun in so many ways! The first service we did this week was helping Sister Schaumburger clean her garage which is such a work in process. And to make it worse, she has been dealing with mice lately! No lie! So we helped her set up traps. We had to hide the traps because she has two small dogs that live with her! So we were out organizing and cleaning the garage when I went into a box and guess what popped out and scared the crap out of me??!! A MOUSE!!!! And boy that sucker was super close to my hand and really scared me to death and I screamed! Of course it scared poor Sister Schaumburger. Sister Higley said, “Are you scared of a mouse!” I was like, “Yeah!” It creeped me out! Well then Sister Higley got Sister Schaumburger’s cat and brought it into the garage and then we dumped the box over. That was a huge success … not …the mouse got away and the cat was not even interested in the mouse! But oh well! I was really observant after that because I didn't want to get bit by a mouse or even touch a mouse! So that was one service!

The second service was working at the Cookie Jar! And it's like the DI store back home! We got to organize cloths, sweep the floors and dust stuff! So that was fun because we had all of our new District there so we got to know each other better! After the service project we went out to eat and FreeBirds! It's a great big burrito place that ya'll have got to try! It's super yummy! Love it! Big burritos! No Jiving!

Well I saved the best service for last … we got to destruct a house … for real! Sister Higley, Elder Tracy, Elder Taney and I got to help the Mortons tear out a floor in their house! For reals, it was fun!!! At first the Elders were doing the actual tearing up of the floor and Sister Higley and I would grab all the old wood and take it to the truck! Well then the Elders and Brother Morton left to take a load to the dump and we stayed behind at the house! I wanted to try to tear out the floor so I got down and got to work and man that was so much fun! And when the boys got back Brother Morton thought it was his son who had stopped by to say hi and was doing some work but when he came in a saw me he was like, “Wow you can really destruct stuff! Well it was funny, the Elders just stood back and watched while I was having so much fun pulling up the floor and just doing heavy duty men work! But it was so much fun! I loved it! We are going to go back and do more destruction to their home in three or four weeks! Super sweet I say! I had so much fun! But now I am totally paying for all that hard labor …let’s just say I am a little sore! But it was super fun! Oh and we also got to see their really big "Wolf" dog … no lie, it’s a real wolf and it's the nicest dog ever! And so I got a picture with it! I don't think the picture does it justice of just how big the dog really is! It's big! Biggest dog I have ever seen! Super crazy!

Working hard ... having fun!

Elders Tracy and Taney

Feeling great accomplishment!

Big Wolf Dog!

Well today is Halloween and so tonight we are having dinner at a member’s home and then we are going to go to Brother Stones home to see his crazy house! He loves the holidays and always does his house crazy I believe! So I am excited to see it tonight. I hope that it won’t scare me too much! But it's gonna be fun! It's funny, Brother Stone scares people and I'm like, “You better not scare me.” But I am pretty sure I'm gonna get scared! I always jump at everything!

Later on tonight I get to do exchanges with La Porte! I'm so excited! It's gonna be fun! Gonna see some great people from the place where I love dearly! I'll for sure write ya all about it next week! I am also looking forward to “Sister Training” this week! I bet it's gonna be good! I know the last one we had was lots of fun so we will see!

So mom this last week was really exciting because I got to see Sign Language with the ASL Elders and every time they teach a lesson it's so good! And I really understand it so much! I can't believe how much I have learned! I was talking with Sister Gentry who interprets for Karen during Sacrament meeting and she said I was at a level 2 which is so cool! I can't believe I'm a level 2 with all the things I have learned! The Elders gave Karen the ASL Book of Mormon DVD just like what Melanie has on VHS and man I was so jealous! I told Karen she was lucky to have that! I was thinking if I had that then I could learn Sign Language faster right! Well I was pretty sad after we left because I really want one so bad! To watch and hopefully learn new Sign Language right! Well it was weird, Thursday night I was impressed to look on our shelves to see if we had a ASL DVD but I didn't because I just knew it wasn't that but just a different Book of Mormon thing to listen too ya know! Well Friday night I was thinking about it again and felt like I should go look! So I decided to go look and guess what!!!!!! We had one of the Book of Mormon ASL DVDs in our apartment and oh man I was so excited and just couldn't wait for morning studies so I could watch the Book of Mormon in Sign Language! So when I study, I read the verse and then watched it on the DVD and try to figure out what they were signing and some things I could catch and other things I couldn't! So that was pretty cool! And so mom ha ha, I was thinking since it's my birthday coming up … maybe ya'll can get that for me for my birthday and also the Book of Mormon stories in Sign Language too! Or maybe even a CTR ring that is Sign Language and my size is 8.5! Just a heads up what I would like! :) Lol, but if ya'll can't, it's okay, I will wait to get it when I come home! I can watch it because in our apartment we have a portable DVD player for other DVDs we watch as missionaries so that's why I am asking ya for those things!

Well my Doctrine and Covenants reading has been really awesome! I am learning so much from reading and I am learning more about the Gospel! I also really like reading in the New Testament about Jesus Christ! It's neat what the scriptures can teach us and how they can give us direction in life! Super awesome! So mom, keep it up and still follow along because it's the best!

Well I'm gonna get going now so I can send pictures and write to President Crawford! Well I hope ya'll have a good week and thanks for the fun crazy pictures … that's pretty fun stuff ya'll did for Halloween! Our ward had a Halloween party too so I took some pictures that I will send ya'll. Have a great week! Love ya lots! And thanks for my super cute Halloween Package! I got it all dented up! Super crazy the Post Office people just don't like my packages! LOL! Love ya

Love Sister Hawkins

Baytown Ward Halloween Party!

Elder Tracy and Taney
(Elder Tracy got these crazy ties for
his birthday which was October 29th)

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