Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Loving her family!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hey Mom,

Oh my goodness, I have been typing like crazy to my amazing siblings and telling them how proud I am of them! Can I say I have the best family in the WORLD!!!! They are so wonderful! You and Dad and Melanie, Wade and Rachel have been such a wonderful support through letters and tapes and packages. It helps me so much to keep on going and to endure to the end! I just love the letters that ya'll write to me; they just help me so much through the day! It's so wonderful! It's a blessing to have such a great family that is so supportive and that is so willing to help anyone out! There are some families out there that just don't help each other or don't have a strong love and it's super sad! It really is! But I know what makes us so strong together! It's the Gospel of Jesus Christ! And all four of us kids are so grateful to have parents raise us up in the Church to make it our goals to serve missions and to go to the temple and to be sealed for time and all eternity! Isn't that just so cool mom! I just love my family! They are truly the Best Ever!

So this might be my last letter in La Porte or this might not be! Transfers are in a week! And we get the call Saturday! Oh boy! I just don't like transfers because they make you so worried and stressed out that week! So I sent two packages home with more stuff that I have gotten mom; I got me some pretty cool La Porte shirts that I liked and I got me some Texas shirts too! I hope that is okay! But I also sent home some stuff that I don't use, and if I am leaving in a week, it just makes stuff easier to pack! I swear when you come out on a mission you obtain more stuff then what you brought out on my mission! But hey, I love the stuff I get because it's always gonna help me remember the wonderful memories of my mission! So it's the Best!

Well tomorrow is TEMPLE DAY!!! Super duper cool! I just can't wait; it's been so long! I just miss going to the Temple weekly! The Temple just give you strength to help you come through the tough times that we deal with in life so it's so wonderful to have the Temple to go inside and leave all the worries and stress behind us! Plus the Houston Temple is so pretty! And it's so cool that my good Elder friends are gonna be there too! They have been there every time that I have gone to the Houston Temple! It's Elder Rassmussen and Elder Walker and I think there are some other Elders but I don't know them as well as I do with them! So I'm pretty excited I get to see them tomorrow! Tomorrow is gonna be so much fun! I love our Temple trip days!

Well missionary work has been good, we have been doing a lot of finding because we just don't have much of a teaching pool but it seems this last week the Lord really helped us to find some people to go back and try. Sometimes that is hard because you get nervous and scared to go back and try, but I just have to keep thinking in my head that the Lord is here for us to help us in his work and He is going to direct us to know where we need to go! I love having the spirit to direct us, but it seems sometimes that it's not there but you just have to go with faith and just really listen to the Holy Ghost!

Wow this is sad that my letter is so short … I just kinda don't know what to write to you, but it's just been a busy week of just trying to find people and often getting rejected and then keep pressing forward to go find those who are searching for the truth! But we have been seeing families that just need us right now and we are just there for support to help them out because missionaries are just so important to have in wards to help members and less actives and even new converts because they have that spirit to really help them come closer to our Heavenly Father and that is just so wonderful that I have that opportunity to do that and to help them come closer to our savior Jesus Christ! It's just so wonderful! Well we are still teaching Morris and he is going to go out this weekend to see if he wants to get baptized which I think is super cool. I hope that I am still here to hear what he wants to do, if not, then some other lucky missionary is going to teach him the rest of the lessons and help him come to the waters of baptism, but you never know what the Lord has in store for me! But we will see at the end of the week!

Well my time is short and I took time today to write to all my awesome siblings and I still have to write to President Crawford. I love you mom and thanks for all the wonderful support that you have been to me! I hope you have fun with all your grandkids and I just loved all the wonderful pictures that you have sent to me! Man my family is just growing up so much and it was so cool to see a picture of Sister Hall. I miss her so much! I need to write to here but it seems I don't have time to write anyone anymore. Please send her my love! Well I hope you have fun and I will write to you next week and tell you if I'm still in La Porte of if I'm somewhere else! But I'll go where ever the Lord wants me to go! I love you!


Sister Hawkins!

P.S. By the way I just love the Temple necklace you sent me! I just wear it everyday and it just makes me feel so much closer to home so thank you mom! And thanks for who made it; I think you said Sister Albright! But I just love it! Thanks!

Sister Castle and I getting nails done! yep!
Super fun and dont' worry ... missionaries are allowed to do nails! :)

Here is me tracking and it's super hot ...
and ya I am wearing a black shirt! lol

Me cooking for the Elders and us this morning for p-day!

One of my favorite families that I love a lot!
They are the Smiths and they are just so wonderful!

This is the Hall family ... love them!

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