Monday, July 11, 2011

Moldenhauers are home!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dear Mom,

Oh my goodness, so much to tell you in so little time! Today is zone p-day and so we have to get things done before the zone activities and so I am super busy! I think every p-day goes by quick because I do the things that I need to do and I can't get all the things done that I want to and sometimes that makes me grumpy! But oh well! LOL

Well I got your e-mail and oh my goodness, I just loved the pictures you sent of the Moldenhauers Homecoming! I loved seeing the pictures of all my old companions: Sister Smith, Sister Brosnahan and Sister! They all look so great! I really miss them so much! I really admire and look up to those three awesome Sisters! They have really changed my life and really helped me to become the fun person that I am today! I just remember all the neat experiences that I had with them and the pictures that we have taken together and all the hard times that we went through! I just can't wait to see them again! I just miss them so much! They are just the best ever! I will never forget them and their sweet spirits and there amazing testimonies!

Well things have been going good in the work. We are working with an elderly man named Morris and he is just golden. He is loving the things that we are teaching him and he is reading the Book of Mormon and he is trying to come to church but he can't because of work. But he is just so cool! And it was funny when Sister Hatch was here one day last week when we did exchanges, she said she had tracked Morris’s street in December. Well Sister Henson and I tracked it two weeks ago and now we are teaching him! How amazing is that mom?! I just can't believe it. It was like he wasn't ready back in December but now he is. It's going to be so cool when we commit him to baptism to see what he says! We are seeing him tonight and having dinner with him! We have such wonderful ward missionaries that helps us a lot, especially Sister Taylor; we always ask her and she just loves coming out with us and she is going to come with us tonight. I think tonight we are going to commit him to baptism. The work is also neat because the ward is trying to find the less actives and help them come back to church. We tried one yesterday, a very nice lady, and we have a return appointment so we will see how that goes this week.

It feels like the work is starting to get fired up again. Ever since I have been here in January I have seen the lows and I have seen the highs in this area and I just love La Porte! It's the best place ever! It's just a boost when people are talking to me and they tell me it's so awesome to see how much I have changed and have grown! I think it's good that people are saying that because I think it helps Sister Henson a lot to know that she too is going to change over time and that she is going to be different. It has been helping me too because I am seeing the blessings of that change and I am not the same girl who came out on the mission. I'm different and I'm changed! It's going to be super crazy when I come home at my homecoming and speak in Sacrament … you’re going to be so amazed and everyone is going to be like who is this girl! So it's going to be cool for ya'll!

Well its super hot here in Texas, oh my goodness, and there is really no humidity right now; it's just really HOT!!!!! It's so crazy; as soon as you go outside you just sweat! It's just nasty. I don't know what your weather is like but it's just not the funnest thing here and people around here are telling me it's going to get worse during August and September and I'm like, “Oh man! How worse can it get?” I'm going to have to just pray for strength to get through the heat because I just don't like the heat; I just like the coldness. I really miss the snow and I miss swimming. It's crazy cool of how there are small pools around here and it stinks that we can't go swimming but oh well, when I got home I will go swimming!

Well I want to take a minute to write about the scriptures. I have been reading the Book of Mormon again, and it's my third time on my mission. I'm am not bragging; I'm just trying to see how many times I can read the Book of Mormon before I go home. And man there is just so many cool things that I am catching in the Book of Mormon that are super cool! It's so neat all the things that I'm just seeing on missionary work and also about the Atonement. That is what my focus is really on this time reading is the Atonement and highlighting things that are talking about the Atonement and its super cool! I just have such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon! It's so strong and so powerful and I'm going to do what President committed me to do and that is to read the Book of Mormon three times a year. I'm going to do it so I can keep reading from it and obtaining the knowledge that I need in this life. I just love the Book of Mormon and I hope you are also reading it and gaining things from it. And mom when you see the Book of Mormon that the Moldenhaurs gave me you are going to want to read it and see all the cool markings and things that I have put in the Book of Mormon. It's sad, but cool in a way, that my binding on the book is already falling apart because I use the Book of Mormon so much! It's amazing!

So Mom and Dad and family and friends, I EXHORT!!!!!!! which means encourage, like it says a whole lot in Moroni 10 to really read the Book of Mormon and to really apply it to your life. It will bless you so much! It has blessed my life as a missionary and it's just super amazing! I just know this church to be true and if it wasn't I would not dedicate my life for 18 months to serve the Lord. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he, through the power of God, did translate the Book of Mormon which is another testament of Jesus Christ. Have you ever just looked back and just thought about how wonderful the Gospel is and really think what your life would be without the Church? Oh my goodness, my life would be lost and such a mess. But we have the wonderful restored truth that is back on the earth so take that advantage and read and study about the Gospel and get a Preach My Gospel book and do family studies so you can be so much closer to your Heavenly Father! I'm so grateful to be a missionary even though I go through tough times but I know the Lord is helping me through so much and I am just relying on Him!

Well I love you mom and I miss you lots. Thanks for all the love and support that you and the family are! I miss you and love ya long time! Well I got to run!

Love Sister Hawkins

Frank and I had the awesome experience of attending the Moldenhauer’s Homecoming yesterday in Soda Springs, Idaho. The chapel and gym were packed and the Spirit was so strong. For the closing song they had everyone in attendance that had served under the Moldenhauers in the Texas Houston East Mission come to the front of the chapel and sing the Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman song. There had to have been close to 150 returned missionaries participate. Powerful!!! We got to visit with the Moldenhauers for just a few minutes and personally thank them for all they have done for Emily. They had many great things to say about Sister Hawkins and they marvel at her growth and new found strength and tell us we will not recognize her when she returns. We also had the opportunity to visit with three of Emily’s companions that have all now returned from their missions. It was so great to chat with them and hear more great stories about Emily. How grateful we are for this blessing in Emily’s life and for the opportunity we have as her parents to share this amazing experience with her. Here a just a few pictures from yesterday’s homecoming.

After church we all went to a nearby park to visit with
President and Sister Moldenhauer.  The line was
extremely long but so worth the wait!

The Moldenhauers took time to visit with each and every person!

We were next in line when I took this picture ...
can you not just see the love he has for these young men!

Unfortunately this is the only picture I got of Emily's
first companion, Sister Smith

Second companion Sister Brosnahan and
third companion Sister Singleton

Emily made me promise to take some pumpkin cake
so here is proof that I did (I actually took two cakes)

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