Monday, May 2, 2011

Still hurting but hopefully on the mend!

Thankfully a less eventful week to report on but she is still having some issues from her accident and surgery.  Hopefully some medicine and a little more time to heal will help her out.  Thank you to those that contributed hump day letters, they will mean so much to her.  Due to transfers coming up this weekend, I will not be mailing her package until after I hear from her on Sunday so if you still have a letter you want to add to her package, there is still time.  Enjoy this weeks letter and pictures.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Hey Mom,

Wow in one week I get to call you … yeah! I'm so excited to hear your voice. I have no idea what time we are going to be making our phone calls. We were going to be calling at the Prigmores but they are not gonna be home. Then we thought of the Mitchells but they are going to see their family. So sometime on Sunday I will be calling but I just don't know where or what time but you will know when I call! LOL. So make sure the cell phone is all charged up for Sunday!! But I know I will be calling more than likely in the evening! Just so you know and mom please be home this time okay. LOL, just teasing ya!

Well mom this week sure has been a struggle for me to do the work and to deal with my back. Some days my back doesn't hurt me much and then some days it just spasms and it hurts. It hurts when I am sitting down for a long time. Even in church yesterday it was hard to get through the day! And my incision on my stomach … well let’s just say I'm gonna be climbing another mountain. The car accident made the incision by my belly button irritated and when I saw the doctor last Monday, he said to get alcohol swipes and wipe it at least twice a day. Well we didn't have a car so I couldn’t get any so now I'm in pain when I'm sitting down and a light green or ivory color puss comes out and there is a rash around it. So I was talking to Sister Mitchell, the R.S. President, about it because she is really worried about me and always wondering how I am doing. I told her about it and she gave me alcohol swipes and I've been wiping it a lot and it's just not doing well. So I called Sister Moldenhauer and she said to call the doctor's today and I might have to be on medicine again. Sister Mitchell says if the medicine doesn't work, and it depends on the infection, they could have to go in and clean it because there is like a little hole I can see in and it's getting bigger. It's just not doing well and I'm scared and just wondering why all this is happening to me but I have to learn some things, right?

Well guess what mom? I finished The Book of Mormon again!!!! I finished on Saturday morning and I was so excited! I can’t believe that I have finished reading the Book of Mormon twice on my mission! I started reading it again on Sunday and it's cool to restart the Book of Mormon. And mom if I keep this up I will be able to read the Book of Mormon four times on my mission. Plus before my mission I read it and so I will have read the Book of Mormon like five times in two years! Pretty crazy uh! I'm not bragging about how many times I will read it, but it's just so cool and neat to see how much I have grown and to understand the things the Book of Mormon is teaching me every time I read it! This time as I read the Book of Mormon, I'm gonna be highlighting stuff about coming unto Christ, repenting and becoming a like a little child to humble myself. I also really want to understand more of the Atonement! So it's going to be really interesting reading for the next three to four months. President Moldenhauer figured out a really cool reading chart to read the Book of Mormon three times a year so I am on my second time for this year! Pretty crazy but very exciting! So mom, how has your reading been going? And has dad been reading too from the Books of Mormon that he got at the beginning of my mission? I bet you two have lots of highlighted stuff that I can't wait to see when I get home to see all the cool things that ya'll have learned over the last year and a half!

Oh guess what else has been going on? We had “Sisters Day” which means all the Sisters got to get together and hear from President and Sister Moldenhauer and also the Assistants to the Mission President. It was neat in a way because the first two hours President Moldenhauer and even Sister Moldenhauer talked about marriage and dating and when we go home that we need not to be shy and hide in a corner but go to activities and go have fun at the singles branch. We were told to even say hi to guys so they know about you so they can call you up and ask ya on dates. What was going through my mind during this was that I really don't have to worry about that yet because I have nine months left to go but I did take notes because all the things they said are important and maybe it's for my good to apply to my life when I get home! So “Sisters Day” was fun and we got to hear seven Sisters’ testimonies that are leaving in a week to head back home and one of them is Sister Brosnahan. And it's crazy because her parents go on a mission soon after she goes home so she is gonna see her parents for a few weeks and then they are off on their mission. Oh by the way, Elder Walker just walked past me in the library and he said to say "Hi" LOL, silly Elder! Well I'm gonna miss Sister Brosnahan and her cool and different personality! It's gonna be weird. I know that she and I had a hard time sometimes but I do love her lots. I really learn different things from each companion and I miss them tons!

I got a letter from Sister Smith and she is doing great. She is busy working and going on lots of dates! She said that her family still reads my blog to see how I am doing and she hopes everything works out with my gall bladder. I thought that was really cool how they are still reading my blog! I really like having this blog thing for my mission so that all my family and friends know about me and know how I am doing and are not having to always e-mail or call ya to see how I am doing; they just get on the computer! It's pretty cool.

I had an interview with President Moldenhauer and it went very well. He just loves how far I have come and the mountains I have climbed and he said that he really wants to be there when I get off the plane and to go to my homecoming. I hope that they can make it! It will be really super cool if they do! The Moldenhauers will be speaking in their ward the first Sunday after they get home. I told Sister Moldenhauer about your pumpkin cake and that you and dad would love to come listen to them speak and that you will most definitely make some pumpkin cake! I told her it was the super best! LOL! Sister Moldenhauer says she is gonna let all of us know what day they are going home and when their homecoming talk will be so I will for sure let you know mom! Hopefully you and dad can go and meet them and say Hi!

Well it's time to write President and to try to write a couple other e-mails. But mom I love you and miss ya tons and I hope to hear from ya soon. I hope things are going well and I loved the pictures of Zaebyn. He is growing so much. I also loved the snow picture you took last week. Pretty crazy! It reminds me of Texas weather; you just can't tell what the weather is gonna be like from one day to the next! Pretty crazy.

Well gotta run. Love ya!

Love Sister Hawkins!

"Sisters Day"
Sister Lundgren and Sister Hawkins

Sister Hawkins and Sister Brosnahan
Sister Hawkins and Sister Singleton

A special family that lives by us!

Being silly ... time for bed!

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