Monday, April 25, 2011

When it rains, it pours!

Final reminder of the Hump Day Package letters … I need them by the end of this week. Thank You!!!

So I waited all morning for my regular email from Emily. It didn’t come and it didn’t come. Then finally it comes just shortly after noon and in the subject line of the email it says, “Pictures, Don’t Freak Out.” So I quickly open the email and this is what it said:

I will tell you all what happened in my e-mail today, but yes, Sister Kinikini and I got in a car accident. Sister Mitchell, the Relief Society President, is going to call you when she gets time but I will tell ya in the e-mail okay. I am okay, I got a sprain back, and Sister Kinikini got whiplash!

So I now had three pictures of a wrecked car and no other details. I, of course, am wondering when did this accident occurred, who was driving, whose fault was the accident, and what is a sprain back?

I then had to wait another 40 minutes to hear from Emily again with all the details. This is what she wrote:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey Mom,

So basically you have seen the car pictures by now and so you’re probably wondering when all this happened. Well this happened on Saturday night. We were going to pick up Elder Hunt and Elder Johnson, the Zone Leader, for dinner. Elder Walker was on exchanges that day. Well Sister Kinikini was driving and we were doing a u-turn to go the other way. She checked her side mirrors and a guy that was speeding and really not paying attention t-boned us! Yeah for real! I wasn't really sitting properly because of my surgery. I had the chair kinda laying down but I was kinda sitting up and when he hit us my back and the whole front of me just froze and I couldn't breathe. I was like "KINIKINI!” I was so worried and scared for her and then I was like, "My Back, are you okay Kinikini?" She was fine but boy was I in a lot of pain. Then a whole bunch of stuff was going through my head; crap my surgery and what does this mean, what if there is a back problem? So I was scared and this was my first time in a car accident.

Just before we got hit, I was on the phone with the Elders so when we got hit the phone flew out of my hand and the battery came out so we had to look for all the pieces of the phone before we could call anyone. Then we called the Elders to come find us on the street near them. At first they thought we were teasing but we told them we were not and to get over here fast. The guy in the other car was like our age and he was limping out of his car and his car got hit on the front right side. His car was still drivable but our car wouldn't stay turned on and wouldn't move.

The police showed up and we called a ward member, Monica, because we had just been at her house before we left to go get the Elders to bring them back for dinner. We asked her to bring our bags and to come be with us. Boy did she show up quick! Luckily her mom was over at the house to watch her kids since she is a single parent and she was a really big help. My back was just in a lot of pain, especially the lower back, and the police asked if a paramedic should come and Monica told them yes. So they came and then the police told him about my back hurting so then the paramedic held my neck in place till an ambulance came. Then the ambulance came and they talked to me and I told them I didn’t want to pay for the ride and so I had to sign a paper so I couldn't sue them in case there really was a bad problem with my back. So we got everything out of our car and we loaded it up in Monica's car along with the Elders and their bikes and we all headed back to Monica's to get a blessing and then to see what to do. During that time we called Sister Moldenhauer and we told her what happened and she asked how I was doing. I told her I was really hurting and so she called Missionary Medical and got it approved to have me go into Urgent Care which is kinda like an emergency room.

So when we got to Monica's, Elder Hunt gave me a blessing and it was a really cool blessing mom. In the blessing it told me that I will get better and my back will heal and that the adversary is just working hard on me because of all the good work that I am doing and to keep holding strong and to have courage and that the Lord loves me. Then Sister Kinikini got a blessing and she loved hers; Elder Johnson gave her the blessing. Soon after the blessings, I got a feeling like something wasn't right so that made me decide to really go to Urgent Care! So Monica's mother, Carmen, took us to Urgent Care. We got me all signed in and then came the waiting game. Meanwhile Elder Walker and Huggentobler had returned to switch back after being on exchanges. At first Elder Walker didn't believe the accident had really happened until we were like "NO JIVING" which means no lie, and so pretty soon he showed up. When he saw me he was like, “Wow Sister Hawkins, you just have all the fun!” Then a few minutes passed and Elder Walker pulled me and Sister Kinikini aside and asked if I wanted them to stay and wait to see what the doctor said but I told him no because I figured it was going to be a long night, so he told us to call when we got the results.

So three hours went by and I finally got in and I had to do a urine test and had x-rays taken. It took two more hours to do all that and then the results came back that my surgery is still okay and that since I didn't have strong core muscles when the car hit us that it sprained my back. So the results are I have a sprained back. And can I just say that it is such a pain. It’s hard to walk around and I can't carry anything because it hurts my back. So it's been tough and this is slowing me down even more. I sure feel bad that we went to urgent care when it came back as a sprain. I feel bad that the church insurance and you and dad are gonna have to pay for it. But anyways, we are doing okay. We will be getting our car back later today so we won’t be without a car and I think I have to drive all the time now because Sister Kinikini can't drive for a while since she was driving when we had the car accident unless I take my pain pills then I can't drive. I was also given muscle relaxers too.

But wow, lots of stuff happening to me uh. Just one thing after another and it's funny of how the adversary it trying to be hard on me trying to make me want to quit and go home, even though I must say, just to lay around and be lazy would make my back so much better until I am fully recovered, but it's not going to stop me from doing my best to do the Lord's work. But it is making me stronger. On Mother's day I will have to give you full details of the accident. But don't worry, I'm okay and Sister Kinikini is okay. It really could have been worse; he could have hit the side of Sister Kinikini and she could be way worse. I know the Lord watched over us that day.

Well I hope you enjoy the other pictures I sent ya. The one with the little prairie dog belonged to a lady we tracted into. She is not interested but she liked talking to us and just wanted to show us her animals. I thought it was cool; who would have ever thought I would get to hold a prairie dog eh!

Well today I go see the stomach doctor which is good. My incision under my belly button doesn't look good and plus he is taking out the stitches so that's gonna hurt! But I will have Sister Kinikini there to be with me.

Oh my, I just loved the Easter package you sent me. It was fun. I opened it up with Sister Kinikini and the Elders because I knew you were sending them a little something too. They knew about the Green Eggs and Ham book that I have and they have been wanting one. And it was funny because I didn't think that you were gonna really make them one so when I was going through the box and handing out all the stuff, Holy Texas! Elder Walkers eyes popped out and he was so, so, so excited and Elder Hunt was like, “No way, your mom didn't!” And he was like, “heck ya!” And they loved your letters mom! Thank you for doing that! It means a whole lot to them. Mom, you’re the best!

Well mom I don't have much time but I just wanted to let ya know I have three, yes three, flat rate boxes to send home and I am going to try to mail them off this week so look out for them. And also we are gonna have fun at the Prigmores tonight; we are going to get pedicures and they can't pay for all of us so I'm gonna use money. But anyways I love you and thanks for being the best mom ever! Sorry for a short letter but we didn't have a car this morning and the library opens late in La Porte plus we had to get a member to drive us to the library and even to my doctor’s appointment today. But I love you and I hope to hear from you soon!

Love Sister Hawkins

As Emily’s parents, we are very grateful that the Lord was watching over her and Sister Kinikini this past Saturday night. We constantly marvel at Emily’s strength as she has faced many obstacles these past few weeks. First dealing with the death of her dear friend Roger Waters, then the ever increasing stomach pains which ultimately led to having her gallbladder removed and then this car accident which is now causing back pain. Unfortunately she has one more obstacle to deal with as sadly we had to put our family dog of fourteen years to sleep this past Friday. Emily and Buddy were extremely close and this is also going to be hard for her to hear. Not quite sure how we are going to tell her just yet, probably through a letter. But we know Emily gets stronger every day and that she has learned to rely on her Father in Heaven. She is never alone and she will get through this too. Thank you for your continued support and prayers; they have been such a strength to Emily … she has almost made it “HALF WAY!”

Here are the other pictures she sent us today … much better than the wrecked car!

Elder Hunt and Elder Walker
(Emily is so grateful to be able to work with
such strong, worthy Priesthood holders!)

My "Get Well" flowers and balloons

Sister Kinikini with a prairie dog!

I am holding a prairie dog!!!
Isn't he cute!

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