Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sick on her Birthday! More prayers needed!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I do not have a regular post from Sister Hawkins this week. I did not hear from her this past Monday, which is really unusual, so that motherly instinct made me wonder if she was sick again or if something was wrong.

A few weeks ago Emily had sent me an email address for Brother and Sister Smith who live in La Porte and kind of adopted Emily as another daughter while she was serving there in La Porte. Emily has remained close to this family during occasional missionary exchanges to La Porte and also when attending Stake events as La Porte and Baytown are in the same Stake. You may remember Emily has mentioned the Smiths several times in recent letters. So I decided to email Sister Smith to see if she was allowed to call Sister Hawkins and check up on her. She was a sweetheart and did check on her for me and the following is excerpts from the email I got back from her.

Dear Julie,

… She didn't answer my email this week either. I knew it was Zone P day and her Birthday, so I thought she was just busy, but I had a little niggling feeling something was wrong. I just got off the phone with her and she has indeed been having stomach problems again. She was very sick through the weekend and missed P-Day on Monday. The mission Dr. called and talked to her and thinks her body is having a hard time processing the food she eats. He also talked maybe irritable bowel syndrome. But, without seeing her and doing tests, he can’t be sure. She has had such awful problems since the gall bladder removal, I don't understand, that should have taken care of the pain, but it continues. He told her to eat only fruit and veggies, and to limit carbs to 80 per day. She has no idea what a carbohydrate is or any way of knowing how many are in foods, so I will get a carb counting book to her so she can look things up.

… She wrote you a letter that was mailed yesterday (Tuesday) telling you everything, so you should get that by the end of the week. When I called and asked how she was, the first thing she said was "My poor Mom is probably so worried about me." She loves and misses you so much. I know how hard it is for you being so far away from her while she is going through these things.

… We have been acquainted with many missionaries through the years, but your daughter burrowed right into our hearts. Jim and I both feel like she is another daughter. I know that isn't really a good thing to say to her own mother, but I want you to know how much we love her.

… Love, Sandy

How grateful I am for this sweet sister and that she was able to check on Emily for me and is going the extra mile to help her and get her the information she needs. The Lords often answers our prayers through the service of another.

I think it is safe to say that Sister Hawkins did not have what I would call a “fun” birthday! Please continue to keep Sister Hawkins in your prayers. I will post again if I get an update or have any more information after receiving her letter in the mail this weekend.

Thank you all for your love and support!

Sister Hawkins with Jim and Sandy Smith, La Porte Texas

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