Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally got to email ... Feeling a bit better!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dear Mom!

Surprise! Well we got time to e-mail today! It has been a crazy last few days for sure! But I did write you a letter and pray and wish you will get it soon to explain fully in detail the things that have been going on!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes you emailed me from all my facebook friends! That was great to read this evening! I wish I could have read them on my birthday to make it better but the Lord had other plans for me to be sick on my birthday! But I am trusting in the Lord right now with the things that I am going through at this time!

Well I got Melanie's birthday package! Super fun! I love those fruit bars, they are super good! Yummy! And mom I finally got your package! I got it on Wednesday! I was so excited! I can't believe you got me all those cool ASL church DVD’s for me to watch during my study time! I am excited to learn more signs! I have looked at some of them and it's crazy, I can understand the signs they do! It's pretty sweet! I just hope that I can still have the time to work with deaf people on my mission! It's the coolest thing to communicate with the deaf! Mom I loved the birthday card! So cool all the people who had signed it! I was shocked at all the signatures that I got! Tell everyone thank you and I really appreciate those birthday wishes!

Well today was a really long day! We had Zone Conference from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.! And boy I am tired of sitting down; my back and my tail bone are hurting lots today! But I learned so much about the things that I need to do better in missionary work! And mom it was pretty cool … we role played during the meeting and we role played on telling people our purpose as missionaries instead of going into a lesson, to help our brothers and sisters understand our purpose of why we are here and why we come out and teach, so we can invite them to baptism and have them make promises with God! Well mom this evening we had a return appointment that Sister Higley and I set up from a longwhile ago knocking on a door potential. And when we went to our appointment tonight we did the role play like we had practiced earlier and it went well; she understands our purpose and she said we can come back and teach her more. We can't teach her next week because she and her family are going to be out of town for the holidays and she is on call this weekend for her work, but I'm excited to teach her in about a week!

Well everyone is probably wondering what sickness I have been dealing with the last few days! I am having stomach problems again! I ate some food on Saturday that my body did not agree with and it wasn't food poisoning, it was because I don’t have my gall bladder anymore! So I have been in bed since Saturday evening till this morning! Just in pain and trying to get the food out of my system! So it' has not been fun! I called Sister Crawford and she had the mission doctor call me and talk to me. Now the doctor has put me on a special diet for the rest of my mission! He told me that my body is telling me I just can't eat normal foods like everyone else and that I need to be on a special diet plan and that is why I have been sick for so long! And so the new diet that I will be on is only fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish (Yuck) and some beef but not a lot. He wants me to cut out my carbohydrates like pancakes, oatmeal and potatoes! I don't know how I'm gonna live without potatoes! But also starch too! And he is cutting me away from sugars too! He told me to have my companion and I throw out all sugars in our house or hide them from me so I won’t be tempted! And then when I come home I need to do a meal plan of 80 carbohydrates a day and to get a book that tells me what foods have lots of carbohydrates! So now, I get to tell members for a dinner appointment that I need a salad or fruit or chicken … but not fried … grilled or roasted! Mostly roasted he said! So it's been hard and plus after all the pain I went through I am kinda scared to eat anything right now, but I am taking it slowly! So ya that is why I couldn't e-mail Monday … I was sick!

Well I don't have much time to e-mail tonight and plus I got to make sure I e-mail President Crawford and tell him what’s up and how things are going. So sorry for the short letter; there hasn't been really any missionary work done this last week because of how sick I have been. We had already called all the people in our area book because I was down for a day last week with my toe and couldn't go track so we called a lot of people that day. So we have just been studying and making different appointments for next week!

But I love you and I will write to you on Monday but it will be a short day because our full p-day is going to be on Thanksgiving so we only have a short time on Monday to e-mail! But I love you and I am feeling better. I’m just weak right now and trying to get my strength back but I keep telling myself things are gonna get better! Well have a good weekend! I love you dearly!

Love Sister Hawkins

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