Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Email from Sister Hawkins!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hey Mom,

So I have made it two days so far, pretty crazy uh!! Wow I just can't believe how nice everyone is around here! It's a neat place. I have been learning lots and it's been hard sometimes because I am not understanding things but I have a great companion who helps me out a lot!! Her name is Sister Kathy Marie Kruzycki! And she is really cool! She reminds me a lot of Lindsey Staley, no lie! It's neat, she is going to Canada on her mission and she is excited!

Well mom these last two days have been hard. I am missing home but at the same time I am glad I am here. Time is moving slow. Elders and Sisters around here say that time goes by fast! But really it's moving slow to me!

Oh guess what? I did see Jason Forbush at dinner last night. He looks different and I can tell he is changing already. I have seen Alex Hill a couple of times and we just say Hi and don't talk much, but ya.

Well my p-day is Thursday but we don't get it till next week because we just got here yesterday. Also I know when I am heading to Texas. I leave on September 1st! It feels like a long time away! Elders and Sisters around here say "make it till Sunday and then time will fly" so we will see!

Well first day was crazy and very busy. The two Elders who met me outside gave me off to a Sister Anderson and then she took me to my room, dropped me off and I got my cool name tag and then off to class and to meet my new companion. And when I was getting my name tag I met that Aunt of Cassandra's so that was cool. Then for the rest of the day we had class and dinner and some free time to unpack. We heard from the Mission President which was cool!

But getting to sleep yesterday was hard. I just laid there with my eyes closed trying to sleep but finally I fell asleep! Then woke up this morning and went and exercised at six! Crazy uh! Well then we ate breakfast, then had class and then we had gym time and then got ready for the day again and had lunch and then some more class time. My teacher is a cool teacher. His name is Brother Gannaway and he teaches me lots.

Also what was neat today was we had to do our immunization stuff and I met with the person who Sister Outcelt told me about and she found me and that was cool and we talked. Also there is a Sister here who knows the Hawkins in California and dad and the McCabes and her name is Sister Wright. So hopefully you remember her cause she remembers you! But it has been a good day so far.

Well mom I am doing well and I am doing my best! But I am struggling with trying to get threw classes and to understand them and also trying to bear to walk as my shoes are giving me trouble. I am getting blisters on my pinky toes and on the heels of my feet. That stuff is just not helping and I don't know what to do. But I am thinking of ways of what to do with my shoes! If you can think of something write me ASAP!!! Also if you are sending a package soon would you send some note cards but not a lot. I think it will help me to memorize stuff.

But I am having fun sometimes and also it feels like a struggle just because I don't know some doctrine and scriptures. And plus I am shy and trying to talk to the Elders and Sisters. My companion and I have made a goal to try to talk with Elders and Sisters to get to know people and that has been really tough. But I try every time at meal time and stuff. So Ya.

Mom I love you and thanks for the e-mail, it made my day. I was wondering if there was going to be any mail in my e-mail! I don't know when my next time on the computer will be but it will probably be Thursday! I love you mom and I think of you and everyone else at home. I should be checking my MTC mail tonight. We have to have a District Leader go get it. We can't pick it up so we will find out from our Branch President who he will pick in our District!

But it's awesome to have everyone be so kind and helpful. They give me and my companion directions when we are lost! I love you guys and miss ya tons!!

It's crazy, I am being timed on the computer but I got to run cause it won’t send it! So I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you soon!

Love Sister Hawkins

P.S. I am doing good don't stress yet! Love ya!! :) xoxoxo

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  1. I have heard the MTC is a lot to take in...Emily will do great! I hope her feet are feeling better. There aren't many things more painful that blistered feet! I read her letter and could hear her voice saying "So ya!" I love that girl!!