Monday, January 9, 2012

No Extension ... Returns the end of February!!!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Hi Mom,

Well what a morning! Even last night! At 3:00 in the morning I got woken up by loud thunder and lightning! It was super scary and it was just pouring down rain! This morning there was a text from the Assistant to the President saying there was a tornado warning and that we had to stay inside and away from the windows! Yeah super scary! Luckily the warning has ended and we got the okay to go do p-day. But man, the rain is just pouring down in buckets and buckets! It's super crazy! We were doing laundry this morning and I wore my flip flops to the laundry room because I didn't want to get my shoes all wet! We are at the library now and it's still raining; I can hear the rain! We were driving to the library and one of the streets was really bad, we almost didn't get through it because it was really flooded! It's kinda scary weather right now! I think after we are done e-mailing we are going to head home! I don't think we are going to go get food today! The weather is really bad. Who knows if the weather is still like this tomorrow, I don't know if we will still go to the Temple! But we will see how everything goes!

Rainy, rainy day in Baytown!

Well I had a really fun weekend! Why? Well I got to be with Sister Kinikini for 24 Hours! Yep, super fun! I love that girl so much! It's sad she's gonna be leaving in a week! It's sad because when I'm struggling and having a hard day sometimes she will text me or call me up to see how I am doing. So six weeks is gonna be a long time till I hear from her again! Super crazy! Sister Kinikini is from Kearns Utah and she will be speaking one the 22nd of January! Pretty sweet uh! I really hope you can go listen to her. When I told her that I might be moving to Utah to live with Rachel in West Jordon, she was excited and told me that Rachel lives near Kearns! I just thought that was so funny! Sister Kinikini is kind of sad to be going home because she just wants to be a missionary! But we had good chats while we were on exchanges and we had fun talking about life after the mission. She and I want to plan a trip to New York to see the Sacred Grove and go have fun and just lots of other stuff. She might be going to BYU but I don't know yet for sure. She said she is gonna write me when she gets home. She said she is going to be there when I come home but she doesn't know if it's gonna be when I come off the plane or when I speak in church; it might be when I speak in church so she could spend the weekend with us! And oh by the way I got a call today from the mission office asking me where I am flying in to and I told them Idaho Falls, Idaho! So I will be getting that information this week I think or next week, but I will be coming home on the 28th of February. I don't know what time but I will get some information soon! Oh by the way, which Sunday am I talking; Sister Kinikini wanted to know so she can plan for it and other Sister companions I have had are wondering what day and I don’t know so could you maybe find out for me?

Sister Kinikini and I at a park in Baytown!

While Sister Kinikini and I were together this last weekend we went to go play some basketball with a recent convert of hers from last year when she started her mission off here in Baytown. He hasn't been coming to church and we have tried to meet with him before but had no luck so when I got a hold of him and told him Sister Kinikini was coming we got to see him! He is still in High School and he has lived a rough life! Well when Sister Kinikini and I and the Elders where waiting for him at the park we met some other cool people there. We met a guy named Neto and he had music blasting and was street dancing and stuff! It was super crazy. I didn't have my camera with me but I wish I had. He was telling us how he does competitions in Houston and how he practices a lot. He even showed us some dance move. He was a nice guy and we talked with him about the church a bit and told him what we do as missionaries. He said he would check it out sometime. He usually works on Sundays but he said when he is off he would like to! So that was cool! Then we met up with Devin, Sister Kinikini's convert. We were about to start playing basketball when Devin saw a guy sitting across the way and he kept looking at us and he looked like he wanted to play so Devin invited him to play. His name was Leo and he was a really good basketball player. He asked us who we were even though we weren’t in Sunday clothes but we did have on our name tags on so that was cool! Leo had a family that was at the park and he seemed interested and we invited him to come to church. He said maybe one day he would like to come and check it out! So that was a fun day with the Elders and Sister Kinikini and with Devin, Leo and Neto! Super crazy day!

So mom, we were at the Galaviz's house one evening and both before and after dinner the Elders where playing with this lighter thing, but it wasn't a lighter, it was like a zapper that shocked ya! It was super crazy and I wouldn't do it for the longest time, until I finally tried it and pushed the button! Man I got shocked! Scared the crap out of me! We had fun playing with it and laughing so hard. But that evening poor Sister Galaviz wasn't feeling too well and she doesn't ever let us help in the kitchen or cook or clear our plates or clean dishes. Well she has a bad knee so Sister Kinikini and I were trying to wash the dishes but Sister Galaviz told Brother Galaviz to go get the belt! Well Elder Taney really wanted to see us get whipped so he hurried and pulled off his belt and tried to give it to Sister Galaviz but she said, “No not that one. I need my whipping belt!” It was so funny how quick Elder Taney pulled off his belt! You had to be there to see it! Sister Kinikini and I were laughing so hard! Super funny! We had so much fun together! And it was great to teach with Sister Kinikini again because we know how we flow and we just work so well together!

Well one more week in Baytown until transfer calls this Saturday. A lot of the people in Baytown think that I'm gonna stay here for my last six weeks, but who knows, we will see if I stay or if I go! Who knows who is gonna be my next companion, but we shall see! I can't e-mail ya till Tuesday though because of the holiday on Monday, so yep, yep!

Well this is all I can remember for this week, but I hope I have a great week and work hard and find people to teach the gospel to! Well I love you all, have a great day! I have a couple of pictures to send ya'll and a cute one with a new hat I got. I couldn't say no, it was too cute! :)

Love Sister Hawkins

Look what I found ... Dalmatian decorations!

My new Dalmatian hat ...

... I just could not resist!

Sister Kinikini and I with Arod ... she is a member!

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