Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Serving during Christmas ... loving it!

Apparently missionaries are allowed to Skype now so instead of a phone call from Sister Hawkins on Christmas, we are going to be able to go online and skype with her.  She is pretty excited and so are we.  Let's hope all the technology works!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hi Mom,

Well this week has been super crazy but it's been lots of fun! I had a long week and I feel tired from all the things we had to do for the week! So where do I begin?! Well we did some service for a lady by helping her decorate stuff! That was fun as we helped her get ready for a work Christmas party! It seems like we have been doing lots of service and it's been lots of fun!

Tuesday night was really fun because we had Sisters come spend the night! Sister Higley went to bed early but Sister Tanner and Sister Cocrin and I had fun visiting. They spent the night since the following day was our Christmas Mission Conference. We had fun talking and getting caught up on stuff about how life is going and lots of fun stuff! It's always fun to have sleepovers with other missionaries because then we can see how the other parts of the mission are! It was fun, but man, having four Sisters get ready in the morning, wow that is lots of work! Lol, I'm just glad that I got up really early and showered and got to take my time to look nice for the Christmas Mission Conference!

Sister Sleepover!

Wow mom the Christmas Conference was truly amazing! I loved every minute of it and it was so much fun. I got to see all my friends and all the other missionaries. I ate only salad and fruit even though I wanted the other stuff but I know it's for my health! We got really neat gifts at the party! There is an Elder serving in our mission and last Christmas his mom made us all stockings … well this year she made us Christmas Pillow cases! It's the coolest thing; don't worry I will send you a picture! It's super cool! I love it!

We got a sweet movie of all of us missionaries that I will be sending home with a package at the end of the transfer that ya'll can watch and it's pretty sweet! We also were given a pretty cd that a member in Vidor made us. This member is really musically talented and President Crawford approved it for us which is awesome! I love it! And mom we watched a really good movie too! It was a tear jerker! You and Dad really need to watch it! Heck the whole family needs to watch it! It's called “17 Miracles” and man that movie was truly powerful and really good! I loved it!

Mission Christmas Conference

Sister Black

Sister Henson

Sister Naufahu

Sister Maloki

Sister Bouwhuis

Sisters of the Mission

Guess what? Last year we had Elder Nielson of the Seventy and well he was here again this year. I didn't get pictures with them this time as they only had time to talk and then had to leave. It was so cute; his wife kissed him in front of all of us! The Sister Missionaries did the Aahhh and then the Elders were like whistling … it was so funny! But I learned so much in the conference and I got to hear the farewell testimonies for those that will be going home before the next conference and that was really neat. I got to hear Sister Kinikini's testimony! Man she made me cry. I'm gonna miss her so much mom! I hope ya'll go to her homecoming as that would mean the world to me! So please go, I will give you the information when it gets closer! Well I just had a great time at Conference!

Sister Kinikini

This past week we also had our ward Christmas party but I didn't take any pictures because I forgot and plus I was too busy because I had to interpret for Karen during the party! I'm so excited because I have been getting really better at my sign language! I can't wait to go to school to do that; I really need to see what Colleges teach sign language so I can come home and get going with school! So be on the lookout for schools for me will ya! :) I also had to interpret all day at church on Sunday and it was the coolest thing mom because sometimes I would realize that I was just signing and really going quick on it! Super cool! I wish Melanie could see how much my signing has improved!

Well guess what … the Elders had a baptism this last week and I had a really neat experience with their convert! She is such a sweet lady and she has some anxiety problems with large groups of people and so we helped her to get ready and to feel comfortable. She attended the Ward Christmas party the day before she was baptized and she wasn't gonna stay at the party but she did. At the party she asked me why everyone was so excited for her to get baptized! I said, “Well they are just so happy for you for the choice that you are making and that you are going to be blessed even more with the decisions that you have made! And you are going to get much closer with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and you are going to receive a special gift of the Holy Ghost that is going to bless the rest of your life.” I just saw this glow in her eyes that was really sweet!

At her baptism, us missionaries sang “The Spirit of God” and she really teared up! Sister Higley and I followed her into the font area and she was so overwhelmed with the Spirit. She was like, “I feel so good right now and just overwhelmed! And mom I just felt the Spirit and I knew the Spirit was helping her to now be scared and giving her comfort! It was a neat thing to experience and she got baptized! And it went so well! :) And it was cool because President and Sister Crawford came to the baptism and afterwards they took us all out to eat for lunch! So that was fun to spend time with President and Sister Crawford! I love the time I get to spend with them! They are just the coolest!

President and Sister Crawford

Well mom I got to run. It's Zone P-day and I have lots to get done before the holidays! Thanks for all the love and the support and I can't wait to see you in a week on the laptop! I'm so excited! I love you! Have a great Christmas! :)

Love Sister Hawkins!

My friend Elder Rasmussen with our gift from
President and Sister Crawford

This Sister goes home next transfer, she is Spanish speaking
and came out with me on the plane.

Us and the Elders making cookies
to hand out to families and investigators!

Almost done!

My Christmas Tree!

Sister Hawkins has a question for you .....

So what is the greatest gift that you have gotten over Christmases past? Is it toys, new clothes, a new car, or some other thing? Sometimes in life we forget the greatest gift of all … The Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! This Christmas Season remember what the Lord has done for us!

The Savior Jesus Christ has given us the Atonement and has made a way for us to go back home to our families and to be forgiven of our sins. Alma 7:11-12 talks about the Savior's suffering. Read it and think about what the Savior has truly done for you! I'm so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I am so grateful to be out on a mission and to serve Him and to share this amazing gospel that blesses so many lives!

Ya'll have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I love you!

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